Priests Who Serve Our Church

Very Reverend Fr. Marcos Habib

Date of Ordination: 06/29/1973
Date of Elevation: 02/12/1989

Very Reverend Fr. Mauritius Anba Bishoy

Date of Tonsure: 10/09/1995
Date of Ordination: 06/07/1999
Date of Elevation: 04/26/2011

Very Reverend Fr. Mark Hanna

Date of Ordination: 11/14/2005
Date of Elevation: 09/21/2018

Reverend Fr. Kyrillos Said

Date of Ordination: 03/11/2007

Reverend Fr. Mina Dimitri

Date of Ordination: 12/19/2015

Cell: (732) 439–4795

Confession Availability

Available daily by appointment

Cell: (330) 550–8570

Confession Availability

Friday 7-9:30 PM
Saturday 7-10 PM
Also available by appointment

Cell: (908) 227–8503

Confession Availability

Due to summer commitments, confession Scheduling for Fr Mark is done via phone. Online scheduling will resume with the beginning of the new school calendar in September.

Tuesday 9-12 PM
Wednesday 8:30-10 PM
Friday 6-10 PM
Saturday 6:30-10 PM

Cell: (732) 801–8344

Confession Availability

Monday 7-9 PM
Friday 7-10 PM
Saturday 6-9 PM
Also available by appointment

Cell: (317) 627–4445

Confession Availability

Thursday 7-9 PM
Saturday 7-9 PM

A few things to keep in mind

  • You have to come 15 mins early
  • Pray the prayer before confession
  • Abstain from talking for 15 mins prior to confession
  • Make sure you have collected your thoughts

If you are not on time, you might miss your appointment

Also, of course, Please be mindful if you or a family member are sick, it would be best to stay home and rest.

*Additionally, please be sure to WEAR A MASK before entering the church!

Thank you!